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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dipped in gold

 Trying to survive + live in a world that wasn't made for you to survive + live in is maybe probably terrifying, but namely just annoying. But (?) it's what drives me to live truthfully and in a way I'm proud of + one day will be proud of. I say this world isn't made for me, or 'us' i.e people like me, to live in because it caters to the already rich and and already 'powerful, to those who stand on the backs of the marginalized. and who uphold opression. by denying its existence or silencing the voices of the oppressed. I am not trying to get deep here on this fashion blog on the world wide web dot com but I am aiming to solidify a thought and i don't keep a journal. Anyway I'm just trying to Be and Become and I recognize what difficulties may hinder me from that (but ultimately can't stop me).

So anyway, long live hopes + dreams/futures/goals

 Booties - GoJane // Dress - Zaful // Choker necklace - H&M

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